Even after death, you can make a real and lasting difference in the lives of millions, giving others a better chance to survive and thrive.

Genesis is a willed body donor program for those wishing to donate their bodies for the advancement of science. The program plays a vital role in the educational and research activities conducted at the MERI.

Physicians, surgeons, nurses, EMTs, and other medical professionals and students from around the world come to the MERI to gain invaluable hands-on experience in the latest medical techniques and technologies, taking this newfound knowledge back to their patients at home. As a donor, you make this critical education and training possible through your selfless and generous gift.

Death is an uncomfortable subject for many, and donating your body to science may seem an unconventional choice to consider. We work with individuals and their families to understand this opportunity to participate in groundbreaking medical training and research.

You may become a Genesis donor by pre-signing yourself into the program. Along with the meaningful contribution to research, your gift also provides your loved ones with a dignified alternative to the typical final expenses. 

Genesis donors are accorded the utmost respect and dignity during their time with the MERI. For each medical training procedure performed, the MERI treats each donor as a living patient. A donor’s participation in educational activities at the MERI is generally one year or less, at which point remains are respectfully returned to the family or interred in a mausoleum in the Memphis area.

Our Team

We hope you will consider our team a part of your support system.

(from left to right)    Dillon Dickey , Genesis Specialist;  Jacqueline Morris , Social Services Coordinator;  Brenda Daugherty , Genesis Manager;  Darla Giles , Genesis Liaison;  Mindy Justice , Genesis Administrative Assistant

(from left to right)  Dillon Dickey, Genesis Specialist; Jacqueline Morris, Social Services Coordinator; Brenda Daugherty, Genesis Manager; Darla Giles, Genesis Liaison; Mindy Justice, Genesis Administrative Assistant

Making the decision to donate your body is a highly personal one and we welcome your questions about any aspect of the donation process. We consider our donors part of our family and commit to treating them with the utmost respect. If you do decide our program is right for you or your loved one, we will do everything we can to make the enrollment and donation process as easy as possible.

Thank you for considering the Genesis Legacy Whole Body Donation Foundation.